Friday, May 11, 2012

Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme $250

The Tom Ford Infusing Complex infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms. By helping skin cells replenish their natural energy, it fundamentally rejuvenates the complexion, so it looks and feels brighter, fresher and less tired. High-performing antioxidants help protect the skin, creating a vital-looking face. The skin is left looking renewed, resilient and smoother.

This is by far one of the worst luxury serums at this price tag I've ever used. It is also the only serum I've ever returned to the store. First off, the Tom Ford Beauty salesperson I talked to at Neiman Marcus didn't even know what is in this product. I asked him what exactly is in the "infusion complex" and he just kept repeating "some of the most precious and best oils in the world", and then I asked what oils are in it and he said it's a secret that they are not even told.

Really?? Let me tell you, simply flip the box over and all the ingredients are listed, and it's nothing special. After reading the ingredient, I felt cheated. This is the perfect example of a designer simply selling something expensive for the brand name. I am a huge fan of Tom Ford, that's why I was so disappointed. I think Tom Ford is a genius and branded himself so well in the world of luxury. He couldn't do anything wrong in my eyes, but his skincare just fell short. However, I've heard amazing things about his makeup line. So do give that a try.

The serum itself is pure oil. So if you have oily skin or even the slightest tendency to get some shine on your face, this would not be right for you. It's the equivalent of dipping your face in oil. I used this at night so I didn't have to walk out of my door with a grease face. I didn't notice any difference to my skin at all.

Normally I could find some redeeming quality to any product, but with this price tag, I just couldn't. I think the serum is worth $60 top. Since it's pure oil, I couldn't use this during the day either, so I eventually ended up returning the product.

Verdict- Skip it! 
The Tom Ford Beauty Intensive Infusion is $250
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