Monday, May 14, 2012

La Mer The Eye Concentrate $165

This concentrated cream utilizes three unique forms of Miracle Broth™ to deeply condition, smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area. It significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, lines and wrinkles for a luminous new life.

Fortified with an iron-rich mineral, The Eye Concentrate dramatically dissolves the appearance of dark circles. It works in tandem with a specially-engineered, silver-tipped applicator which helps cool the skin, immediately improving micro-circulation.

I have previously reviewed The Eye Balm Intense , and stated that I like the Eye Concentrate better, because it's more of a completely eye cream for people that want to get rid of their dark circles. I also like the texture of the Eye Concentrate better, because it's more like a light lotion than a cream. It sinks into the skin faster than the creamy Eye Balm Intense. It's not as moisturizing as the Balm, but I think it provides just enough hydration.

There are so many eye creams on the market and like many of you,  I'm still on my hunt for the next best eye cream. This is my regular eye cream, but I feel like although it does treat dark circles, my dark circles are still coming through. I've used this in conjunction with the La Prairie White Caviar Eye Serum , and that actually helped my dark circles better. But it gets way too expensive to buy both products at the same time.

Bottom line, I do like this better than the Balm Intense and I think it's a great eye cream overall. If you have dark circles, give this one a try, if you have puffiness, you might want to go for the Balm instead.

Verdict: Buy it!
La Mer The Eye Concentrate is $165
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