Saturday, May 5, 2012

La Mer Radiant Serum $260

The Radiant Serum illuminates the complexion immediately on contact, awakening a brilliant new clarity. Targeted skin tone correctors dissolve the look of discoloration. Water borne anti-oxidants help skin remain looking more even and bright into the future.

La Mer's Radiant Waters smooth away dull surface cells that obscure light. Pores are purified and refined. Exclusive marine extracts firm and plump skin's appearance, breathing life into the complexion.

I am a big fan of La Mer. I know a lot of people out there look down on the brand saying they sold out after the company was bought out by Estee lauder and changed all the formulas. I heard they did change the formula at the beginning, but have since received so many complaints from their loyal customers that they had to go back to the way they formulated the products. Some skin care experts refuse to use Creme de La Mer because there's mineral oil in it, which causes breakout.

I use the cream at night and both versions of the lotion depending on the weather of the day and it actually helped clear my breakouts. I'll write more about their moisturizers when I review them.

The Radiant Serum is an ok serum for me. I have friends that love it more than the regenerating serum, which is still my favorite. The Radiant Serum has a watery texture and it sinks into your skin pretty quickly. The one problem I have with the serum is that it makes my face feels kind of dry, and I have combination skin that's more on the oily side. Also, I feel like my lotion doesn't glide that well on top of this serum. I don't wear makeup, so I don't know if people wearing makeup have the same problem. Definitely leave a comment if you have tried it.

I'm not sure if it "reflects" light as it claims, but it does help improve the overall tone of your face. I also feel like the Regenerating Serum refine my pores better than this one. Again, everyone's skin is different so you might have a different experience with this than I did.

If you are someone with a lot of acne scars and sunspots, I don't think this would be strong enough to get rid of them. I would go with their Brightening Intensive Serum instead for dark spots.

Verdict: Try it! 
La Mer Radiant Serum is $260
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