Friday, May 11, 2012


White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum combines anti-aging, anti-pigmentation and luminescence with pearlescent pigments to inhibit melanin production, detoxify and beautify. The skin surrounding the eye becomes brighter and more even-toned with improved firmness.

This light-infused eye serum is a high-performing antidote to undereye darkness and discoloration. It detoxifies the skin and helps stop dark patches from forming on the skin.

As existing darkness fades and the skin appears lighter and brighter, the eyes look more wide-awake and energized. In addition, puffiness is reduced and the skin is lifted, firmed and smoothed with wrinkle-reducers.

Normally, I'm not a big fan of La Prairie. I think most of their products are too active (and too pricey) for my skin and I've had a bad reaction to a few of their products. However, I love the entire White Caviar Line. This is the only Eye Serum I've used that have dramatically lighten my dark circles. I saw a difference over night. The serum itself looks pearlescent when you put it on your finger, you'd think it'll make your eyes look glittery, but don't worry, it disappears onto your skin. I think the pearlescent effect also helps to reflect the light under your eyes to make them look brighter.

When La Prairie first launched this, it was a stand alone product, but since then they have launched the White Caviar Eye Cream to use on top of this serum. Personally, I think the eye serum itself is moisturizing and effective enough on its own. It's hydrating and and I like that because it's a serum, it sinks into the skin around your eyes rather than sitting on top of it.

I have the entire White Caviar Line, but so far this is the only product I've used long enough to provide a review. As time goes on, I will write reviews on the other items in the collection.

The downside to this Eye Serum is the hefty price tag. I love this product, but I find it very hard to justify the price tag. It definitely works, but I just think it's way too pricey.

Verdict: Buy it if you have the money!
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