Wednesday, May 2, 2012


THE CURE PURE SERUM is a sophisticated, exclusive and highly rejuvenating concentrate that combines revolutionary cosmetic ingredients to detoxify and repair damaged cells and elevate the levels of skin hydration from within. This exceptional formula contains SIRT-AP, a cutting-edge and advanced peptide complex obtained from Soy and the Oryza Sativa rice that modulates the activity of Sirtuin 1 and Sirtuin 3 which prolong the lifespan of cells, repair the damaged cells and protect them from oxidation. SIRT-AP reduces the levels of aging biomarkers such as the p-16 protein and prolongs the skin's youthful appearance.

I've tried many serums on the market and this is one of the 5 that I would recommend. I really like the smell and as far as anti-aging goes, the results are noticeable. It takes about a week and a half for this serum to detoxify the skin and release impurities. So you might experience some minor breakout at the beginning stage of using the serum, but don't worry, it'll all go away in time and your skin will be glowing! 

I almost gave up on this serum this first week because I broke up a little, but I stuck with it and was I glad I did! After 2 weeks of using this, I noticed my face had a nice glow and was more youthful looking than before. I had a few friends that asked me what I've been doing to my face and I guess that's when I realized it was this serum at work. 

I would definitely recommend this for anyone that is looking for a solid anti-aging serum. $250 seem to be the new norm for luxury serum, so if you have the money, I say go for it. 

Verdict: Buy it!
The Cure Pure Serum is $250
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